An assured femininity

Her facets are many, but her personality is unique: that is the Rita & Zia woman.

An independent spirit, spontaneous in nature, a soul open to the world. She dictates her own elegance, her tastes, her moods. Jewellery is her most intimate ally in that journey. Whether they adorn her neck or her hands, the stylized Scarabée and Aigle—emblems of the brand—are the emblems of her confidence. Bold in colour, these pieces inspire poise in the face of everyday life. Cut in semi-precious stones, they tell a distinctive story, that of a heroine who writes her own profound tale every day. Their romantic curvature compliments the more abstract curves of Chakra and Pendule. Worn individually or together, simply or in multiples, Rita & Zia’s jewels are sculptures of today that will be passed down to tomorrow’s generation. They reveal a character of their time. In Geneva, on Rue du Rhône, the Rita & Zia boutique is the starting point for the quest for oneself.

Rita Zia The Brand